Virtual Library Clinic


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Do you live too far from HSMC to get to us for a training session? 

Are you confused by literature searching or by the online databases?

Do you struggle with referencing? 

Or maybe you don't have any luck in finding the books and papers you need?

We can help you with your library questions with our Virtual Library Clinic 

Using a screen sharing website and a telephone you can have a one to one training session FROM HOME with a member of the library staff.  JoinMe allows you see our computer screen here in the library from your computer at home so we can show you how to use any of the resources and talk you through any problems you have.

How to arrange a session

If you would like to arrange a session with us then ring us up on 0121 414 3672 or email us at book a time that suits you.


How to join the session

1.  You will need a telephone or Skype phone and a computer with an Internet connection.  

2.  At the appointed time we will ring you up and give you a code.  

3.  Go to the JoinMe website and  put that code into 'Join someone's screen' box and then you will see the computer screen of the librarian on your screen at home.  

4.  You can then watch and participate in the training session.