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You can search the collection from here and will not need any additional log ins.

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About the collection

The collection focuses on non-clinical aspects of health care, health policy, commissioning, integrated care, patient and public involvement, public health, leadership, change management, human resources, strategic management and local government.

It consists of around 10, 000 books, reports, pamphlets, videos, DVDs, talking books, 200 journal titles and Department of Health Circulars from 1947. 

Borrowing from the library

We have access to many journal titles, focused on healthcare policy and management, organization theory, leadership and governance. Current issues are on display for reference purposes only.

To request a copy of a journal articles see your Library services page.

Help searching the catalogue

Finding your book on the shelf

The library has four sections:

  • books (no prefix)
  • oversize books (prefix q)
  • pamphlets (prefix p)
  • quarto pamphlets (prefix qp)

Within each section the collection is shelved according to the Library of Congress cataloguing system.

For example, 'Raising Standards in the NHS' by the Department of Health is classified as RA 399 D.

  • The first letters 'RA' indicate the main class of the subject - Public Aspect of Medicine
  • The following numbers '399' indicate the subclass - Regulation of medical practice
  • The final letter 'D' is the first letter of the authors surname.

To find this book on the shelf:

  • As there is no prefix go to the book section
  • Travel alphabetically to the R section, then progress to RA
  • Then work up numerically to 399
  • Within the 399 section you will find the book under D for Department of Health.