Borrowing from the library


1. You can borrow up to six books at a time.

2. Books must be returned by the due date that is stamped in the front of the book. 

3. The loan period for all books is three weeks.

4. If you are not at HSMC on the day the books are due for return we expect you to either renew them or post them back to us.

5. You can renew your books online your books for two further, three week periods making a total loan time of nine weeks.

6. You can renew your books online - you will need you eight digit borrower number.  Forgotten your library number

7. One week prior to the due date you will receive a 'Reminder email'  prompting you to return the book to us on time.  

8. You cannot renew a book that has been reserved by another user. 

9. If another user reserves a book you have on loan you will receive a 'Recall email'.  This tells you that someone is waiting for your book and reminds you of the due date.

10. You can reserve books that are on loan to other borrowers - you will need your eight digit borrower number.  Forgotten your library number

11. When your reserved item is available you will receive an 'Item waiting for collection' email asking you if you will collect the item or if you would like it posting to you.

12. Reserved items are held for a week.  After that time they are returned to the shelf for others to borrrow. 

13. You cannot reserve a book that is available on the shelf.

14. You cannot request books to be put aside for collection at a future date.

15. To request a postal loan complete this form .   Don't forget to include your address!

16. We do not charge for overdue books and we expect you to return your books on time for the convenience of the other users.  We frown on users that take advantage of our leiniency in this matter.