Past dissertations

All past student’s dissertations are housed at the library.

Titles can be located on the catalogue, older dissertations are stored in paper format and newer ones as PDFs.

Please note: to help to prevent cases of plagiarism, records are kept of all viewings of dissertations.

Find out what dissertations we hold

Go to the library catalogue and click on 'Advanced search'.

In the search box write 'dissertations' and change the 'Search in' box to 'Key words'. 

If you now click 'Search' you will see a list of all the dissertations on the catalogue, over 1000.

To narrow your search by your subject area, click on the '+' sign to add in another line of search option, leaving the 'Search in' box as 'All fields'.

In the second search line  write your key word such as 'leadership' or 'commissioning'.

If you now click search your results will show all dissertations with your key word either in the title, author or subject.

Paper dissertations

Paper copies of dissertations are for reference use only, they cannot be borrowed and must be kept within the library.

If you wish to see a paper dissertation then let us know the title and author and we will retrieve the dissertation within the hour.

Please note: the dissertation store cannot be accessed after 5pm.

If you are planning your visit in advance it is helpful if you send us a list of the titles and authors you would like in advance and we will have them ready for you. 

PDF dissertations

PDF copies of dissertations can be emailed to you on the condition that you do not print alter or copy them in any way and when you have finished you delete it from your computer.

If you would like a PDF dissertation thencontact us with the title and author of the one you would like and we will send it to you.

For further information regarding dissertations please contact Rachel Posaner.