Dip 5 ebooks

Posted on Wednesday 29th February 2012

ebooks from the Dip 5 reading list available from the University of Birmingham.

You will need your Birmingham username and password to access these resources.

Buse, K., Mays, N. & Parker, G. (2nd ed) (2007)
Making health policy
Maidenhead, Open University Press 


Greener, I. (2008)
Healthcare in the UK: understanding continuity and change
Bristol, The Policy Press


Harrison, S. & MacDonald, R. (2008)
The politics of healthcare in Britain
London, Sage


Hill, M. (5th ed) (2009)
The public policy process
Harlow, Pearson Longman

eBook (4th ed) 

Klein, R. (6th ed) (2010)
The new politics of the NHS
Oxford, Radcliffe Medical Press


Mahon, A., Walshe, K. & Chambers, N. (2009)
A reader in health policy and management
Maidenhead, Open University Press


Powell Davies, G., Dennis, S. & Walker, C. (2009)
Self-management with others: the role of partnerships in supporting self-management for people with long-term conditions
   Glasby, J. & Dickinson, H. (2008)
   International perspectives on health and social care
   Oxford, Blackwell

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Glendinning, C., Powell, M. & Rummery, K. (2002)
Partnerships, New Labour and the governance of welfare
Bristol, Policy Press