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Electron impact - Mass spectrometry - Centre for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis

Electron impact is the traditional and possibly the most common method of ionisation.

Electrospray - Mass spectrometry - Centre for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis

Electrospray can be used for the analysis of medium to high mass organic compounds, but is equally useful for the analysis of biological molecules such as peptides, proteins, saccharides and oligonucleotides.

Elemental analysis - Centre for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis

Information on the elemental anaylsis services provided by the School of Chemistry's Centre for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis.


his technique uses elliptically polarized monochromatic light to determine the thickness of surface. When polarized light interacts with the surface at an angle, it resolves into its parallel (s-polarized) and perpendicular (p-polarized) component. These components are reflected off the surface differently and hence the amplitude and phases of both components are changed.

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Environmental Health Sciences research facilities

Environmental Health Sciences at Birmingham has its own modern laboratories housing an extensive range of state-of-the art analytical instrumentation all available for 'hands-on' use by our research students, including: - Atmospheric particle counters and size fractionating devices - Aquatic colloid fractionating and sizing devices (flow and sedimentation FFF, SPLITT, CFUF) - Atomic force microscopes and Scanning near-field optical microscope - Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer - Carbon analyser - CO, SO2, O3, and NO/NO2/NOx analysers - Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Systems, one with negative and positive chemical ionisation facilities, and one interfaced with a thermal desorption system to facilitate VOC determination - HPLC-MS/MS system - 2 atomic absorption spectrometers - Ion chromatography - Solvent Evaporation Equipment (inlcuding Accelerated solvent extractor (ASE); TurboVAP automated solvent evaporator; TracePrep automated solid phase extraction system) - Facility for Environmental Nanoparticle Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC)
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