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Historical Collections - Lapworth Museum of Geology

In addition to the many important palaeontological, mineralogical and archive collections, the Lapworth Museum contains many other historically important collections.The Sopwith ModelsThomas Sopwith FRS FGS (1803-1879) was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the son of a cabinetmaker. Originally following his father's trade, he became involved in practical aspects of the geology of the Newcastle coalfield and the lead mines of the Northern Pennines. In terms of the geological structure these mining areas were relatively simple, but a thorough understanding of the geometry of the beds was essential when estimating coal reserves and the extent of coal seams or mineral lodes, which were affected by faulting.

History of medicine resources (PDF - 159KB)

Resources in Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections relating to the history of medicine

Horticultural services - School of Biosciences

Located within the School of Biosciences are six containment glasshouses and two large walk in growth rooms, with lighting, heating, air conditioning, shade screens and watering all individually controlled and fully automated including a growth room with integral humidification. Further facilities include growth cabinets, separate glasshouse unit, plant preparation area and nearby autoclave.

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How to become a conservator

Information on getting involved with conserving archive materials
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