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Personal and family papers archive from the Cadbury Research Library.

Immunology services

Department of Clinical Immunology provide a comprehensive range of tests for the immunological investigation of patients together with a highest quality of service with prompt delivery of accurate results, (backed up by specialist medical and scientific expertise). Where specific tests are not available locally, we will refer samples on to colleagues in other centres. Clinical Immunology service, directed by a consultant immunologist, is part of the Division of Immunology and Infection and has developed into one of the largest diagnostic immunology service in the country, providing a comprehensive laboratory diagnostic service which includes immunophenotyping in haematolymphoid malignancy and immunodeficiency, autoimmune serology, immunochemistry, allergy, cellular and neuroimmunology testing.

In the footsteps of Professor Lidenbrock: a geochemical journey to the centre of the Earth

Part of the Lapworth Lecture Series. Speaker: Professor Rob Ellam FRSE, Director - Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

Inaugural CEPLER National Student Essay Writing Competition

The winner will receive an iPad mini and the opportunity to have their essay published on the CEPLER website as a CEPLER Working Paper.

Inaugural scientific meeting of the Birmingham Centre for Genome Biology

The meeting celebrates the opening of the Birmingham Centre for Genome Biology (link to website) which brings together groups conducting research on gene expression control, epigenetics, DNA-repair, genome stability, DNA-replication, and computational/systems biology related to these themes. We believe that all nuclear function is interconnected and that we need to work together to understand the spatial and dynamic nature of the nuclear environment and its capacity to respond in varied contexts.
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