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W - Personal and family papers archive

Personal and family papers archive from the Cadbury Research Library.

Wenlock Reef Fauna - Lapworth Museum of Geology

The Lapworth Museum contains some of the finest collections of fossils from the Silurian, Wenlock Limestone of the West Midlands and Welsh Borders.

West Midlands Digital Cultural Heritage Demonstrator Regional Roadshows

June dates for Birmingham, Aston, Wolverhampton and Coventry.

What level am I? - Languages for All

Help with choosing the level of language study you need to undertake at the University of Birmingham's Languages for All.

What our users say about us

Quotes about the library from our users

What we do

Situated in the Medical School at the University of Birmingham, is the Centre for Professional Development, this is an ideal environment for conferences, meetings, short courses, training events and seminars

Why learn a language? - Languages for All

List of reasons for learning a language with the University of Birmingham's Languages for All.

Why the Oman ophiolite cannot have formed at a mid-ocean ridge

Speaker: Prof. Hugh Rollinson. University of Derby
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