Kinesiology Laboratory

Studying large and complex movements


Studying large and complex movements


Studying large and complex movements

Static bike in Kinesiology Lab

Located on the ground floor, the kinesiology lab is the largest (30 x 5m) laboratory in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Aimed at studying large and complex movements, it is versatile both regarding the space and the equipment.

The space is divided into two parts separated by a movable partition. The smaller part is double height (10 m) with a balcony, allowing the investigation of movements requiring height, such as jumping, basket ball, etc. The length of the room enables us to study interceptive actions such as catching and locomotion.

The main equipment is a 13 camera Vicon system. This 3D motion analysis system often coupled with the two Kistler force plates and Delsys EMG systems.

For further information please contact the lab manager Dr François-Xavier Li