The central themes of the conference will be to look back at the history of EBV research, take stock of where we are now and then project forward to identify the key challenges for the future.

The programme will span the whole range of research on this virus and its associated diseases. A two-day programme will include personal reflections from the founding figures of EBV research, forward looks from current leaders in the field, and “prize presentations” of current work from new investigators.

This is a unique event that will be of interest to many basic and clinical researchers in the overlapping fields of virology, immunology and oncogenesis. 



Sunday 23rd March 2014

Thursday 17th May
  16.30 Registration opens 
 17.00 Welcome Reception
 19.00 Welcome Dinner 

Monday 24th March 2014 

Thursday 17th May
  08.30 Opening address
Harold Varmus : EBV and its influence in virology, oncogenesis and global health
 Theme 1: Virus genome, virus genetics 
 Chairs: Elliott Kieff & Joe Pagano
 09.00 Paul Farrell : The EBV sequence, 1984 and now
 09.30 Paul Lieberman: EBV episomes and epigenetics
 10.00 Wolfgang Hammerschmidt : Putting EBV genetics to use
 10.30 Refreshments
 Theme 2: Biology of infection, animal models
 Chairs: George Miller & Martin Rowe
 11.00 Martin Allday : EBV in the B cell system - the continuing paradox

Selected Abstracts
Bo Zhao: EBV targets B cell super enhancers to achieve immortal growth

Michael McClellan: Host cell reprogramming through selective gene targeting and modulation of enhancer looping by Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigens 

 12.00 Fred Wang : Infection of non-human primates with Epstein-Barr related herpesviruses
 12.30 Christian Munz : Modelling EBV infection and immune control in humanised mice
 13.00 Lunch 
 Theme 3 : Immunity and Immunopathogenesis
 Chairs: Denis Moss & Maria Masucci
 14.30 John Sullivan : X linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome and Infectious Mononucleosis
 15.00 Rajiv Khanna : T cells and the EBV:host balance

Selected Abstracts
David Nadal: Role for early-differentiated natural killer cells in infectious mononucleosis

Liisa Selin: Severity of infectious mononucleosis (IM) correlates with the frequency of crossreactive influenza A virus (IAV)-M1 and Epstein Barr virus (EBV)-BMLF-1-specific CD8 T cells 

 16.00 Alberto Ascherio : EBV and autoimmune diseases
 16.30 Refreshments
 Chairs: Dorothy Crawford
 17.00 Sir Anthony Epstein: Why and how Epstein-Barr virus was discovered 50 years ago
 17.30 Guy de The & Zeng Yi : EBV Serology, Burkitt Lymphoma and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
 18.00 Close
 18.30 Book launch with drinks reception
 20.00 Gala Banquet

Tuesday 25th March 2014 

Thursday 17th May
 Theme 4 : Epithelial cell infections and NPC
 Chairs: Gilbert Lenoir & Ingemar Ernberg
 08.30 Lindsay Hutt-Fletcher : Viral entry mechanisms
 09.00 Nancy Raab-Traub : EBV and NPC pathogenesis

Selected Abstract 
Keisuke Matsasuka: Epstein-Barr virus infection induces global DNA methylation in gastric cells

Miao Xu: Targeted sequencing and characterization of Epstein-Barr virus genomes isolated from Chinese nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lymphoma patients and healthy donors

 10.00 Allan Hildesheim : Viral and Genetic Factors in NPC: Insights into Epidemiology and Prevention
 10.30 Refreshments
 Theme 5 : B cell transformation, lymphomagenesis
 Chairs: Alan Rickinson & Harald Stein
 11.00 Bill Sugden : EBV’s Transformation of B-cells: A Tale of Appropriation and Control

Selected Abstracts 
Alexander Price: Characterizing Survival in the Absence of LMP1-Mediated NFkB Signaling Early After B-Cell Infection

Katja Spiess: Characterization of the lymphocryptovirus encoded BILF1-receptor family

Teruhio Yasui: EBV LMP2a reduces the stringency of B cell selection in germinal centers

 12.15 Georg Bornkamm : C-myc, EBV and Burkitt Lymphoma pathogenesis
 12.45 Lunch
 Theme 6 : T/NK cell lymphomagenesis, Tumour therapy, vaccine development
 Chairs: John Sixby & Hans Wolf
 14.15 Hiroshi Kimura: T/NK cell lymphimagenesis
 14.45 Selected Abstracts
Carrie Coleman: Epstein Barr virus type 2 infection of T cells: an alternate strategy of viral persistence  
 15.15 Cliona Rooney : Adoptive Transfer of EBV-specific T-cells for Lymphoma
 15.45 Selected Abstract
Graham Taylor : Clinical trials of MVA-EBNA1/LMP2, a therapeutic cancer vaccine designed to treat Epstein-Barr Virus positive cancers
 16.00 Jeff Cohen : Towards a prophylactic vaccine
 16.15 Refreshments
 Chairs: Alan Rickinson
 16.45 George and Eva Klein : EBV at the Karolinska
 17.15 Harald zur Hausen/Volker Diehl : The Henle years
 17.45 Closing remarks

Programme subject to change