Session Formats

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Session Formats

There will be three main session formats in addition to the keynote presentations and workshops. These will be as follows:

Standard Paper Session

These are grouped as 2 or 3 papers in a 60 minute session or 4 papers in a 90 minute session.
In each case presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes in duration thus allowing at least 5 minutes per presentation for questions.
Presentations can make use of Powerpoint or an equivalent as a laptop and projector will be provided in each presentation room.

Research Discussion Session

For these sessions no Powerpoint is allowed.
Presenters are asked to give a 5 minute outline of their paper to the audience and then the remaining 15 minutes will be spent discussing the work.
In order to support the outline, presenters are encouraged to provide a one sided handout for the audience participants that finishes with 2 or 3 questions that can form the basis of the discussion.
The emphasis here is very much on discussion rather than presentation.
The session chair will help to facilitate the discussion.

Poster Session

A poster session preceded by a one minute, one slide taster session.

Posters should be A0 portrait, 841 x 1189 mm

In addition, with the advent of Horizon 2020 EU Funding, participants are invited to propose project ideas which they would like to share with colleagues as a way to identify partners. These Proposal Partner Sessions will be scheduled depending on interest. Please contact Robin Clark if you would like to find out more.

Abstract themes

  • The Global Engineer
  • Entrepreneurship of Employability
  • The Attractiveness of Engineering
  • Issues of Gender and Diversity
  • Curriculum Development
  • Technology in Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Sustainability in EE
  • Maths in EE
  • Physics in EE
  • Engineering Design
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Industry involvement in EE
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong learning
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Students as partners


Poster Printing

The Conference Office offers a bespoke Poster Printing service for conferences and events.  We will hang your poster in the allocated space and at the end of the event post it back to any destination.  Click here for further information on the Poster Printing service.