National Instruments Presentation

Yiannis Pavlou, is currently serving as the European Academic Director for National Instruments, driving the company’s strategy in building a strong sustainable partnership with Academic & Research Institutions. Yiannis has a tenure of 16 years with National Instruments, serving in different roles in Customer Support, Technical Marketing, Product Management, R&D and Regional Management - before taking on his role of leading the Academic team in Europe. Yiannis is an avid proponent of hands-on, experiential, project-based learning approaches and the use of advanced technology platforms to allow for a higher level of multi-disciplinarity and student engagement in the teaching process and to enhance learning outcomes. He is also a strong believer on the synergy in science and engineering education, advanced research and innovation as well as the importance of European public policy and programs in effectively capturing that synergy. 


Do Engineering: To Develop the Highly Skilled, Highly Employable Systems Engineers of the Future you must Practice what you Preach. 

The presentation will focus on the role of experiential, hands-on, project-based learning in building the systems engineers of the future and the rethink of the science & engineering curriculum required to produce them. These students must graduate as highly capable of multi-disciplinarity as well as systems-level thinking and be able to deal with drastically increasing levels of design complexity. The presenter will also cover the role of technology platforms, ecosystems and student-centric technology in making the transition to higher student engagement, improved learning outcomes, enhanced systems engineering aptitude and graduate employability into the high value-added roles and careers that they deserve.