Digilent Workshop on Hands-On Learning with all-in-one Portable Lab

Presenter:  Prof.Dr. Mircea Dabacan, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, mircea.dabacan@ael.utcluj.ro

Facilitator: ­Inc, Pullman, USA, cristina.dabacan@digilent.ro

To reserve your place on the workshop please email cristina.dabacan@digilent.ro with your Name, Institution, Title and contact information.

 Goals of the Workshop: 

1) to demonstrate how active learning modules using portable compact electronic instrumentation can be integrated into undergraduate circuits and electronics courses for majors and nonmajors as well as into outreach programs for high-school students,

2) to discuss approaches to include active learning modules in lecture in the classroom or as hands-on homework assignments/projects. Introduce the learn.digilentinc.com materials

3) to provide supporting instructional materials that will enable participants to rapidly incorporate hands-on activities into their existing courses.  Research on active hands-on pedagogy has shown that students are more engaged in learning, develop an intuitive understanding of key concepts instead of just memorizing facts, and gain self-confidence about their knowledge of the subject. 

Description:  Active hands-on learning pedagogy in electrical engineering, electrical engineering technology, and physics has been facilitated by the recent availability of inexpensive portable compact electronic instrumentation.  This instructional approach has been shown to stimulate student interest in engineering, technology, and physical sciences and promote greater understanding of circuits and electronics, particularly in students who struggle when presented with abstract and highly mathematical concepts. The design of hands-on activities, the value of supporting instructional materials, and methods to incorporate these activities into the curriculum will be illustrated through these activities.  The instructional and learning materials that are available for free for educators and students will be described. 

Qualifications of Presenter:

Dr.Mircea Dabacan is Professor at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Applied Electronics Department. Mr. Dabacan works in data acquisition systems, digital design and embedded systems, and was formerly a visiting professor at Washington State University, Pullman, USA. He also manages the Romanian branch of DigilentInc USA.

Audience:  The anticipated audience includes faculty members, instructors, and laboratory staff in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Technology, First Year Engineering Education, Engineering Physics, Physics, and middle and high school teachers in the physical sciences.  The maximum number of attendees is 15.

Take-Away Skill, Knowledge, and Material:  Participants will learn about the active hands-on learning pedagogy, see how others have integrated hands-on learning modules into the engineering and engineering technology courses, and labs and suggestions on ways in which the participants can adapt the pedagogical approach for their use.  Flash drives will be distributed that will include the workshop presentation. The participants have to bring their own laptops.