Mental Health Care in the Community

Medical and Dental Sciences
Thursday 31st January 2013 (09:00-17:00)
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Course summary

This 7 day module (12 - 19 March, 15 - 16 April and 20 - 21 May 2013) is provided as a CPD and accredited module for GP’s, Practice Nurses, Primary Care Mental Health Workers, who have an interest in developing an enhanced understanding of mental health care in the community.

A key component of the module is to address relevant knowledge and skills to enhance access to and effectiveness of primary care services and mental health care delivery through considering both evidence-based and practice based innovative approaches.

This module will focus upon issues directly relevant to mental health within primary care clinical practice, using a bio-psychosocial framework to enable module participants to develop knowledge and skills in evidence-based interventions, mental health diagnosis, assessment and screening, pharmacological and psychological treatment interventions, including cognitive-behavioural approaches, collaborative case management and community engagement.

Learning objectives 

1. Demonstrate critical understanding and awareness regarding the prevalence and presentation of mental health problems within primary care.

2. Critically analyse relevant government health policy underpinning the provision of effective primary mental health care

3. Identify and critically consider the benefits arising from collaborative case management within primary mental health care.

4. Evaluate a range of empirically supported interventions in mental health within primary care and determine which ones are appropriate

5. Critique appropriate measures around effective risk management in relation to vulnerable mental health populations

6. Critically consider social and cultural aspects of mental health care

The module content is based around seven themes which are as follows:

1. NICE guidelines and evidence based treatment – part 1
2. NICE guidelines and evidence based treatment – part 2
3. Young peoples mental health
4. Mental health and risk assessment
5. Old age mental health
6. Psychological trauma
7. Managing different cultural and social needs in mental health


Professor Femi Oyebode – Professor of Psychiatry, the Barberry 

Entry Requirements 

Health Care Professional with first degree or equivalent
Employment in either a mental health or social services or within another clinical field specialising in mental health e.g. GP with a special interest in mental health

Course details

7 days, 12 - 19 March, 15 - 16 April and 20 - 21 May 2013
Any or all of these courses can be attended as either a one day workshop or collectively as an MSc module

Clinical Sciences Building, University of Birmingham

Is this course accredited? 
20 MSc credits awarded for completion of assessment.
This 7 day course is CPD accredited.

£600, or £150 per day 

How to apply 
For more information please contact Amy Partleton
Tel: +44(0)121 414 2677