College Misconduct and Fitness to Practise Committee Training Day 2016/17 10 April 2017

Medical SchoolWe would like to invite you to the College Misconduct and Fitness to Practise Committee Training Day, held at the University of Birmingham on 10 April 2017.



Arrival, Registration and Refreshments


Introduction to the Day

Neil Hart, College Fitness to Practise Case Manager

9:30am Chair’s Reflections –  Dr Austen Spruce

Dr Spruce is the College Lead for undergraduate admissions and the medicine admissions tutor. Dr Spruce has been involved in the College and University Misconduct and Fitness to Practise Committees for many years, and regularly chairs committees. Dr Spruce is going to talk about his experiences and reflections on the processes and the issues he sees as being key for Committee members when becoming involved in the process.  

9:40am Pre-Committee processes Neil Hart, College Fitness to Practise Case Manager
10:30am A Professional Programme’s Perspective – Mrs Carolyn Inman 

Mrs Inman is the Director of the Birmingham School of Dental Hygiene & Therapy. Mrs Inman experienced the Committee process first hand as an Investigating Officer with an unexpected and unusual case, being thrust right into the deep end of a Committee hearing for her first case. Mrs Inman is the Professionalism Lead for the third year of her Programme and has done a lot of work recently on the Programme’s processes and guidance, including looking at the new requirements of the GDC.


Mrs Inman is going to talk about her experiences and reflections from the University processes, and her insight of important issues for the processes and Committees drawn from working with the GDC’s guidance. 

10:40am Committee and Appeals Hearing process Sara Anderson, Acting Head of Student Conduct 
11:30am Refreshment break   
11:45am Equality and Diversity in Conduct and Fitness to Practise matters – Toni Smerdon

Toni was the Principal Legal Adviser at the GMC from 2002 to 2015. Toni worked with the GMC and MSC in drafting their new guidance for students and medical schools for conduct and fitness to practise matters, including the requirements regarding equality and diversity. Toni will be talking about the legal requirements and good practice of equality and diversity specific to the roles in the conduct and fitness to practise process. In the afternoon Toni will circulate around the discussion groups for further programme specific queries.

1:15pm Lunch  
2pm Professional Support Unit – undertakings and conditions –Professor John Skelton

Professor Skelton is the Director of the College’s Professional Support Unit (PSU). The PSU works in the teaching, testing and supporting of students in difficulty in the context of professional interactions with others.  The work includes self-presentation, academic writing, prioritisation, team-working, interactive management and development of appropriate professional attitudes. The work can involve intensive coaching interventions (often but not always including simulated patients) and reporting has been developed into a comprehensive remediation and support service.


Students can be referred to work with PSU after undertakings or conditions to address issues of professionalism. We believe this is a very valuable resource for our conduct and fitness to practise process and something all Investigating Officers and Committee Members should consider carefully when deciding outcomes and sanctions. The students we have referred have reported positively on their experience. We believe outcomes of this nature are supportive, constructive and have excellent results in terms of remediation of potential issues regarding professionalism.


Professor Skelton is going to give an insight into the work of the PSU in this area and his reflections on the work that has been taken place and the benefits it can offer. 

2:20pm Group Discussions

At this stage the attendees will divide into separate groups for each of the professional programmes for a group discussion. The groups will discuss the guidance and expectations of the professional regulatory bodies and a range of case studies covering ‘interesting’ fitness to practise scenarios. The discussions will be led by facilitators and will all                have the opportunity to discuss equality and diversity issues with our guest speaker Toni Smerdon.

Once the discussions reach a natural conclusion the day will end.


Centre for Professional Development, Medical School, University of Birmingham Edgbaston B15 2TT.
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