Metabolomics Workshops

Introduction to Metabolomics for the Environmental Scientist

We welcome you to attend our NERC-funded Advanced Training Short Course, an  Introduction to Metabolomics for the Environmental Scientist, to be held on 21-22 September 2015 at the University of Birmingham, UK. This training course is being run in partnership with the new Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre that offers a spectrum of face to face and on-line training courses in metabolomics.

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Please find the workshop programme here.

The course is intended for environmental scientists with little or no previous experience of metabolomics, and who are interested to discover how this relatively new and powerful approach could be integrated into their research. Therefore the programme includes introductory lectures on:

  • Introduction to environmental metabolomics with case studies
  • Experimental design and quality control
  • Sample collection and preparation
  • Overview of analytical laboratory techniques (mass spectrometry  and NMR spectroscopy)
  • Overview of data processing and statistics for metabolomics
  • Introduction to metabolite identification

The workshop also includes short practical demonstrations and a tour of the NBAF-Birmingham facilities. Importantly, there is time dedicated to discussing the proposed metabolomics studies of the attendees.

Following the course, should the attendees decide that metabolomics is a tool of interest to them, they can register to attend hands-on training courses (one will be held in January 2016) as well as apply to NBAF-Birmingham to help conduct their metabolomics research.

Registration for NERC funded scientists:

While this course is open to all researchers with an interest in the environmental sciences, it is a NERC-funded Advanced Training Short Course and hence priority will be given to NERC funded scientists; this includes NERC PhD students (highest priority), NERC PDRAs and Fellows (next highest priority), and principal and co-investigators who currently hold NERC funding. For these prioritised applicants, bursaries are available to cover the full cost of the course, one night of accommodation (on 21 September, which we will book for you) and up to £100 towards travel costs (which you should book).

Registration is now closed

You will be notified by email, within a few days of submitting the booking form, if you have been accepted onto the course as we are limited to a maximum of twelve places. Please read the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre’s Conditions and Cancellation Policy prior to registering.

Registration deadline is 24 August 2015.

Registration for non-NERC funded scientists:

For non-NERC supported environmental scientists, as well as scientists from outside of the UK, you will be required to pay the course fee (£420) as well as your accommodation and travel. We will book your accommodation on your behalf.

Registration is now closed

You will be notified by email if you have been accepted onto the course immediately after the registration deadline above; we are limited to a maximum of twelve places. Please read the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre’s Conditions and Cancellation Policy prior to registering.