User Communities

HWB-NMR users are categorized as either National, European, Commercial or Local. All have access to all the NMR systems. New users are welcome to apply.

National users are derived from the UK Biomolecular NMR Community, a group of twelve UK universities which was awarded the funding from the Wellcome Trust for the 900 MHz NMR system, and now includes members of over 20 universities from across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

European users are given free access to HWB-NMR through generous funding of the EU-NMR project by the European Commission. Each year new user groups are eligible to access our metabolomics and membrane protein services. European projects which receive collaborative access include e-MeP, eTumour, MOTET and lipidPRISM. Read more about the network of EU-NMR facilities and funding.

Commercial users include several companies who design and develop NMR equipment, software, pharmaceutical agents, biotechnology products and veterinary diagnostics through service, collaboration and partnership agreements.

Local users are based at the Clinical Trials Unit, School of Cancer Sciences, School of Immunity and Infection,School of Biosciences, School of Chemistry and School of Engineering, and include many postdocs and students.

The local NMR groups are led by

  • Ulrich Günther metabolomics methods and biomedical applications, protein interaction
  • Eva Hyde structure, function and kinetics of reductases and DNA binding proteins
  • Andrew Peet functional imaging and metabolomics of childhood brain tumours
  • Mark Viant metabolomic and bioinformatic methods for characterizing responses to environmental toxicants
  • Steve Young Immune cell signalling in inflammatory disease

The local users are leading members of the Birmingham Structural Biology Forum and Metabolomics Initiative.

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