Technical and collaborative support is available to users to ensure that experiments are efficiently run and data is collected and analysed optimally.

The NMR staff offer technical support in areas including:

  • spectrometer set up: Sara Whittaker
  • metabolomics methods: Ulrich Günther
  • protein assignment methods: Sara Whittaker
  • pulse sequence implementation: Sara Whittaker
  • pulse sequence programming: Christian Ludwig
  • small molecule experiments: Sue Rhodes
  • spectrometer troubleshooting: Sue Rhodes

Collaborative opportunities involving joint research and authorship are available in areas including:

  • binding kinetics: Ulrich Günther
  • dehydrogenases: Ulrich Günther
  • kinases: Michael Overduin
  • ligand screening methods: Christian Ludwig
  • ligand screening applications: Sue Rhodes
  • membrane proteins: Michael Overduin
  • metabolomics of biological samples: Mark Viant
  • metabolomics of cancer: Ulrich Günther
  • metabolomics of inflammation: Steve Young
  • phosphatases: Michael Overduin
  • protein dynamics: Christian Ludwig
  • protein folding Sara Whittaker
  • protein-lipid interactions: Michael Overduin
  • protein structure determination: Sara Whittaker
  • signaling domains: Michael Overduin

We support blue sky research at HWB-NMR.Photo of the NMR building with a large section of clear sky visable above.

HWB NMR logoPhoto of the NMR staff members

NMR Staff

Christian Ludwig, Michelle Reed, Michael Overduin, Sue Rhodes and Ulrich Günther (shown from left to right) as well as Sara Whittaker offer a range of services and collaborative opportunities.