Research activities in the PRISM lab 

The PRISM Predictive Sensory Motor Lab is part of the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre.

We are working on questions of sensory-motor control, motor learning, coordination and motor cognition. The main thrust of our work is to look at the role of predictive processes in the human motor system.

Some of the research being carried out in the PRISM Predictive Sensory Motor Lab

Topics we are currently working on include, for example, motor learning in tasks involving adaptation to perturbed or displaced visual feedback of the hand position. We are testing the role of learning in motor coordination tasks using functional brain imaging. We are studying the questions of short and longer term timing in motor control - the intermittent corrections of position or the longer term control of movements in time with events in the environment.

EEG recordingWe also look  at more cognitive aspects of sensory-motor interactions, such as visual image discrimination, or prediction of actions. Techniques include motor psychophysics in laboratory and virtual reality environments, functional MR brain imaging, EEG and EMG recording, and TMS - magnetic stimulation of the brain. We also  have been using MEG recording, in collaboration with the MEG Unit at Aston University.

Some of our recent work has looked at higher aspects of motor control, including interpersonal interference effects when observing actions similar or different from those being performed, motor control in Asperger's, drawing and copying simple geometric shapes or drawing faces.

Current Grants

  • The Wellcome Trust
  • European Commission FP7-ITN
  • Leverhulme Foundation
  • Human Frontiers Science Program

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