Marine geophysics at VISTA

Landscape analysis of the mesolithic palaeolandscape of the North SeaMarine investigations relay heavily on the use of remote sensing to gain an insight into features which may be inaccessible as a consequence of water or sediment depth. 

VISTA staff have extensive experience in the interpretation of marine geophysics data and, recently, completed the ALSF funded North Sea Palaeolandscape Project (2006-2008) which investigated over 23,000Km2 of marine survey data in only 18 months. 

Work at VISTA on the North Sea data has established a new area of research, marine landscape archaeology. Analysis of the massive data sets required for this work is dependant upon the infrastructure and compute capacity available at VISTA, as well as the Centre's exceptional projection facilities. 

Related work at the Centre involves mitigation projects relating to offshore energy developments, mineral extraction, seabed engineering and the intensification of modern fishery activities. The information derived from this work supports marine environmental management and conservation.

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