Valle Crucis Abbey, Wales

Photograph showing 3D laser scanning equipment and the remains of an abbey wall

Founded in 1201, Valle Crucis is a Cistercian abbey located to just outside Llangollen in Wales. VISTA were brought in to create a three dimensional model of the abbey for historic recording as well as to provide materials for future research and public displays of the site.

A fully geo-referenced model of the abbey was produced to serve as a base to enable rectification of an existing reconstructed model. The intention is to use the digital model to provide a fully interactive reconstruction. Using a portable headset, the three dimensional digital model would overlie the physical remains of the abbey and enable visitors to experience the standing monument as well as visualise the abbey as it was.

In additional to the three dimensional model, architectural elevations and plans of the abbey were provided for archiving by CADW. The resolution of the scanning provides the level of detail necessary to generate stone by stone drawings when needed in the future. This is particularly significant as work has recently begun on the consolidation of the standing remains.