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WE ARE solving tomorrows problems today

The Birmingham Heroes campaign features key academics from across the University of Birmingham, highlighting both existing areas of research excellence and areas currently receiving investment. From history of art to nuclear energy, a broad range of subject areas are covered, demonstrating how academics are working to solve tomorrow's problems today. Find out more about Birmingham heroes


Posters and advertisements are placed in a variety of key locations throught the UK, including Virgin trains, Birmingham International Airport and publications such as New Scientist.
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Featured article: Discovering the second henge

home-storyUniversity of Birmingham's Professor Vince Gaffney
When an international team of archaeologists found a major ceremonial monument just 1km away from Stonehenge in the summer of 2010, 45 million people around the world were fascinated.

The new henge was uncovered just two weeks into a three-year international study that forms part of the multi-million Euro international Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project. Professor Gaffney “This finding is remarkable. It will completely change the way we think about the landscape around Stonehenge. “People have tended to think that as Stonehenge reached its peak it was the paramount monument, existing in splendid isolation. This discovery is completely new and extremely important in how we understand Stonehenge and its landscape.”