BioIndustry Association congratulates UK company PsiOxus Therapeutics on being named EuropaBio's Most Innovative European Biotech SME

As part of a prestigious European Biotech Week event in Brussels today, PsiOxus Therapeutics has been revealed as the recipient of the EuropaBio Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2013.

The award is now in its fourth year and has received applications from SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) representing healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnologies across Europe. Five companies were shortlisted, of which two were UK organisations, reflecting the UK's strength in biotech innovation.

PsiOxus Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company based near Oxford, developing novel therapeutics in the fields of cancer and immunotherapeutics. PsiOxus Therapeutics' novel approach to cancer therapy employs directed evolution to develop a virus that is a potent and specific killer of cancer cells with minimal harm to normal healthy cells.

Innovation in biotechnology is a crucial driver for generating novel solutions to unmet societal needs, and the award seeks to give recognition for companies that are developing innovative products and approaches to achieve that aim.

In response to receiving the award, which includes a prize of €10,000 and two years' membership of EuropaBio, Dr John Beadle, Chief Executive Officer of PsiOxus Therapeutics, said:

"It is a great honour for PsiOxus to receive this award in recognition not only of the progress and the innovation generated by our own company but also in the UK bioscience industry in general. Our products and programs seek to treat cancer in highly innovative ways and this is only truly possible in an environment that is highly supportive of investment in innovative bioscience enterprises."

Steve Bates, Chief Executive Office of the BioIndustry Association (BIA), added:

"It's great to see an innovative British company win this prestigious European award. It confirms the UK's position as the leading biotech cluster in the region."

Commenting on this year's award, Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio said:

"Here in Europe we are well aware of the lifeblood that innovative SMEs provide to the economy and we hope that the EuropaBio SME Award can contribute to raising the profile of these SMEs and the essential research and innovation that they are conducting."

Posted on Friday 11th October 2013