AMBIO - Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces for the Control of Biofouling

AMBIO (‘Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces for the Control of Biofouling’) is an R&D Integrated Project funded by the EC, through its 6th Framework Programme. The 5-year project, which  finished in February 2010, operated at the frontiers of diverse disciplines, including nanotechnology, polymer science, surface science, coating technology, hydrodynamics and marine biology.

The project integrated 31 Partners from industries, universities and research organizations and a significant number of end-user ‘stakeholders’ was involved. Twelve EU Member States were represented as well as Turkey, Israel and Norway. AMBIO demonstrates the strength of the EC’s large Integrated Project concept, in that, for the first time in Europe, the efforts of a critical mass of researchers, with diverse skills, and representing several sectors and stakeholder organizations, was concentrated on the challenge presented by the need to introduce novel, non-biocidal technologies to control the economically and environmentally important problem of biofouling.

From the lefthand menu you can access general information about the project, a summary of the results, the Final Publishable Report and a short video (made by NanoTV) which illustrates one of the successful coating developments in the project.