What do the mentors think?

Find out what the mentors think about the scheme.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. My mentee has been enthusiastic and engaging throughout the year and has reminded me of some of the reasons for choosing my career in the first place. By putting her in touch with other colleagues, this has assisted in strengthening additional professional relationships for myself and has been both challenging and stimulating." - Chris Jones, Academic Foundation Doctor, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

"I have found the relationship with my mentee really rewarding and it has been great to getting to know her. I've been really impressed with her talent, potential and enthusiasm." - Grace Owen, Talent Co-ordinator, Betty

"Extremely useful for students throughout their time at University and should be something that is continued. Support in any capacity has the ability to really change attitudes and emotions whilst studying and really provide a lending hand when it's needed the most." - Neena Chauhan, Social Research / Marketing and Administrative Assistant, Workers' Educational Association