Mentoring scheme

Open to undergraduates in all years of study, in this scheme you can apply for a mentor based on your desired career. The scheme gives you the option to view a range of industries/career types in which mentors are available – there are over 150 mentors in total across a range of career disciplines.

We are always recruiting new mentors - see the range of career types open for you to apply to.

The process

The process of finding a suitable mentor is completed through the University’s mentoring system, Mentor Match Me. By completing an on-line profile, the system will automatically match you to mentors based on the information you have provided. You can search through a list of mentors and then be able to send requests or “proposals” to mentors asking them to be your mentor. The mentor will review these proposals and accept a student to be their mentee.

Therefore the information you provide on the form will be fundamental in deciding whether you move forward in the process. Please do some preparation and have a really good think about why you want to apply to the scheme, what you want to get out of it and how will it help you. Look back at the reasons to get involved in mentoring.

If you are still unsure, you may want to book an appointment with the Careers Network team to see if mentoring would be the best option for you.

To help you even further, you can select up to three career types to apply to. Please make sure you are happy with your three choices, as if we are unable to match you with your first choice, we will go to your second or third.

Remember, a mentor from any career type can provide you with invaluable insight based on their professional and life experience.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to the scheme, please book a place on one of the 30-minute introduction and briefing sessions below. These sessions serve as a quick introduction to mentoring and the online process, and will be a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

At the conclusion of the session, your details will be taken to set up your mentoring account. You will be issued with your login details towards the end of October.

Briefing session dates

Briefing sessions will run throughout the second half of October; pick your session.

What happens next

Once you are issued with your logon, you will need to complete a short on-line profile. Following this, you will automatically be matched to relevant mentors and will have to send a “proposal” for them to be your mentor.

Once you have successfully been accepted by a mentor, you will be required to attend an induction / preparation session going over some hints and tips on how to make the most of the mentoring experience.

After the induction you will be given your mentor's details and it will be your  responsibility to contact your mentor. You will also be asked to sign an agreement committing to the scheme and a level of appropriate behavior.

Mentors have agreed, as a minimum, to mentoring sessions once a month for the rest of the academic year (where this is not the case you will be advised beforehand) and these sessions can take place face to face, over the telephone or via email or Skype. This contact will depend on the agreement between you and your mentor. However, we do ask that you attempt to meet your mentor face to face once or twice during the scheme where possible.

There will also be events organised by the University and Careers Network for mentors and mentees where you will have the chance to meet in person.


Hear from the students who have already taken part

"I had a fantastic mentor who gave me a lot of support and advice throughout the year. He allowed me to gain a greater insight into procurement and the retail industry in general, as well as general guidance and advice throughout the process. I found the entire mentor experience extremely beneficial and am very glad I took part in it" Bethan, BSc International Business

"I have only positive things to say about the mentoring scheme. I was so taken aback by how successful my mentor was and how Birmingham University played a part in their success. My mentor and I are still in touch and schedule skype chats, I have learnt so much valuable information from her and she is always so extremely helpful and willing to make time for me when she has the craziest work schedule. I could not ask for more and are astounded by my mentor's dedication to her role in mentoring me. She is a fantastic mentor who enthusiastically provides advice on anything. I feel like Careers Network made a great match with my mentor and I!" Katrina, BA Drama and Theatre Arts

"The mentoring scheme has been a great success. I have learnt a lot and gathered new ideas and perspectives of medicine that I did not have before. I would advise anyone considering applying for the mentoring scheme to do so." Liam, Year 2 Medicine

"I have very much enjoyed the mentor scheme and have found it very useful to be put in contact with someone in my potential profession... I would recommend anyone to join the student mentor scheme who is unsure of what to do in the future, for guidance or answers to specific questions within a field. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend to everyone." Heather, BSc Physiotherapy

"My mentor gladly and actively listened, giving me valuable feedback which not only will be useful in the future, but it has already paid off during the academic year." Ioana, BA Political Science and Sociology

More information

If you have any other questions about the scheme then please get in touch with Dilveena Sokhi, via email at or by telephone at 0121 414 6133.