Careers Network Mentoring

Open to all undergraduate students. 

The Careers Network Mentoring Scheme will re-open in September 2017.


This scheme aims to help students throughout their time at university. From adapting to the university lifestyle in your first year, to finding out where to take your university journey in your final year, this scheme allows you to sound out your career ideas with a professional mentor.

Any questions, please email (Mon-Fri, 9.30-4)

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a unique opportunity that allows University of Birmingham students to enhance their experiences, by receiving one to one advice and guidance from a professional working in a particular sector. This can be a great way to understand how to succeed in this area and be better prepared for the working world beyond graduation. 

It is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering and helping the other person understand themselves and their aims – and how they can get there.

Mentoring is not counseling or therapy - though the mentor may help the mentee to access more specialised avenues of help if it becomes apparent that this would be the best way forward.

It is not an offer of employment or work experience nor will the mentor do the work for you, it is up to you to drive the relationship.

Benefits for you

Mentoring is a great way to seek advice and guidance about the challenges of applying for work experience opportunities and graduate jobs in a particular area and then use this knowledge to help you find the career that suits you.

  • Seek invaluable advice on how to utilise your time at university.
  • Gain real insight into a sector and how to succeed.
  • Build your contacts within a professional environment.
  • Sound out your ideas and goals.

Career insight from our mentors

Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help you succeed after graduation. Most of our mentors are alumni and work in a range of different sectors. They understand what it is like to be a student and the difficulties that can arise from finding a job in a competitive market.

They want to help you explore your options and decide on the right career path for you!

We have mentors in a number of sectors and you can find out more about which careers you might be interested in from 

Wordle of sectors of mentors


International mentors

As well as having UK based mentors in a range of sectors, we also have mentors located internationally. Key locations include Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. 


  • Deadline to submit your application will be in November 2017.
  • Reviewing applications: after the deadline we will review all applications and let you know as soon as possible the outcome of your application form. 
  • Mentee induction training sessions: Will take place in November 2017 (Only for successful students)
  • Progress check points: we would like to find out how you are progressing with your mentor and will send these out during the initial stages and half-way through.
  • Mentoring occurs from December to June .
  • Final evaluation: at the end of the scheme we would like to find out how you have benefited from being mentored and if there are improvements that can be made to our scheme.
  • Celebration event: at the of the scheme we invite all mentors and mentees to celebrate their successes over the year.