Graduate Mentoring

Open to final year undergraduates and postgraduate taught students in Spring 2018. 

This scheme is a great way to seek advice from a professional currently working in the area you are interested in. Our mentors can offer career insight, industry knowledge and top tips about transitioning from university life to the working world. 


The Graduate Mentoring scheme will re-open Spring 2018!

For any questions, please email 

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a unique opportunity that allows University of Birmingham students to enhance their experiences, by receiving one to one advice and guidance from a professional working in a particular sector. This can be a great way to understand how to succeed in this area and be better prepared for the working world beyond graduation. 

It is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering and helping the other person understand themselves and their aims – and how they can get there. Mentoring is not counseling or therapy - though the mentor may help the mentee to access more specialised avenues of help if it becomes apparent that this would be the best way forward.

Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help you with your career development. We have asked mentors to offer at least one hour a month, but please note this may vary depending on their work schedule. 

It is not an offer of employment or work experience nor will the mentor do the work for you, it is up to you to drive the relationship.

Why should you apply?

Our mentors understand the difficulties of final year and securing that graduate job, but now they have a wealth of experience and advice to share as you enter the working world. 

  • Seek invaluable advice on how to utilise the months after graduation to secure a graduate role that you want. 
  • Gain real insight into a sector and how to succeed.
  • Build your contacts within a professional environment.
  • Sound out your ideas and goals.

Application process – how to apply

There are only three steps to the process:

1. Application form - tips for your application can be found here

2. Online training course

3. Informal telephone call

Mentee experience


"My experience has given me the confidence to apply for jobs that I would otherwise have never dreamed of applying for. In addition it has allowed me to understand the job sector a lot more and enabled me to create specific CVs for specific roles."


"I gained an understanding of a trainees role and the work required to be a trainee. My confidence was also boosted for situations such as interviews and assessment centres. It really helped me to gain an understanding of what graduate recruiters look for and how to stand out from other applicants."


"My mentor was able to be a calming voice when I was worried that I would never get a job I actually wanted. He taught me that most people struggle to begin with."


Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help you succeed after graduation. Many of our mentors are alumni and are in a range of different sectors. They understand what it is like to be a graduate and the difficulties that can arise from finding a job in a competitive market. They want to help you explore your options and decide on the right career path for you!

We have mentors in a number of sectors including marketing, education, engineering, finance, government, legal, health and many more!

In your application form we will ask what career areas you are interested in. This will help us to find a suitable mentor for you.

Please note that whilst we try to meet your requirements there may be some mentors that are not directly working in your chosen area but still have a wealth of experience and advice to offer you. 

Timeline (TBC)

  • Deadline is mid-June 
  • Emails sent to confirm whether or not you have been successful with securing a mentor by the beginning of July. If you are successful, you will receive your mentor's details and our mentee training course. 
  • Progress points - we would like to find out how you are progressing with your mentor and will send these out during the initial stages and half-way through. In particular let us know if there is anything we can help with. 
  • Mentoring occurs from July to December (6 months).
  • Sharing your experience - at the end of the scheme we would like to find out how you have benefited from being mentored and if there are improvements that can be made to our scheme.