Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme

About the programme

"BUIP is a unique opportunity to make connections and has shown me a host of new options in higher education and in Birmingham."

The Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme offers unique internships within the University of Birmingham during the summer vacation. The internships provide an opportunity to learn more about Higher Education as a career choice and undertake a wide range of exciting paid internship opportunities within the Academic Services Division of the University and other selected departments. All internships are open to all students from the University of Birmingham in their first, second or penultimate year of study.

BUIP internships offer students the chance to develop their employability skills in fields such as written and verbal communication, problem solving, project management, meeting deadlines, prioritisation, data analysis and research, and using IT professionally. The programme also offers a unique tailored training programme to help interns analyse and demonstrate these skills to future employers. This includes training in areas such as professional etiquette and personal impact, CV and applications, interview techniques and presentation skills.

"I would highly recommend the Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme to others in the future." Rebekah Myatt, BUIP intern 2013

The details

The internships take place over the summer vacation and can last from 4-10 weeks; some examples of this past year's are below. All internships are fully paid above minimum wage and are based at the university (perfect if you have accommodation nearby over the summer). A variety of internships are offered and successful interns have come from a variety of degree backgrounds. The internships are available to first, second and penultimate year undergraduates.

Closed Summer 2014 internships

"My internship with the University was instrumental in helping me to secure opportunities since graduating. It enabled me to participate in projects that developed a wide range of relevant skills, and sparked a greater enthusiasm for and understanding of university collections, which I was able to build on in my final year. In addition, it was a great opportunity to network and make professional connections which I am still benefiting from today." Chloe Lund, BUIP intern 2013

Posted on Friday 21st February 2014