Case studies of previous participants on the ALMP

Find out what previous successful candidates thought of their experiences.

Laura Kelly and Andrew Vallance-Owen

Wordle of Laura Kelly’s case study

Name: Laura Kelly

Course: Medicine

Mentor: Andrew Vallance-Owen

Meet Laura...


Laura wanted to get out of this programme:

  • Better understanding of clinical and non-clinical work in medicine
  • Networking and further experience options
  • A neutral party to with which to discuss future careers options


Laura learned which factors are important when applying for your first job as a doctor; for example how a job now can affect future career choices.

Andrew invited Laura to various networking events which increased confidence in an area that she previously had little experience.

The ALMP also highlighted to Laura that management and leadership experience will be important to her career.

Future career plan

Laura has secured a job as a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


Laura definitely recommends the ALMP.

"My mentor has really helped me to apply for my first job as a doctor."

Phoebe Jeanes and Simon Halsey

Wordle of Phoebe Jeane’s case study

Name: Phoebe Jeanes

Course: BMus Music

Mentor: Simon Halsey

Meet Phoebe...


Phoebe wanted to get out of this programme:

  • Guidance on future career and education
  • A new perspective
  • A friendly and helpful relationship with someone who has similar interests


  • To think outside the box; don’t just settle for what options you think you to have to do, especially if you don’t think that they fit you. There is usually a way to create more options for yourself and find something challenging, exciting and inspiring that you will enjoy much more.
  • An open invitation to continue her relationship with Simon after the process has ended.
  • A new professional network, but also friends.

Simon’s advice made Phoebe completely rethink her career plan:

  • Phoebe was struggling to find a masters degree that properly "fit" her.
  • Simon suggested looking abroad.
  • She is now looking to study in Berlin. Simon has supported her and given her the confidence to take a huge step towards something that is better suited to her.

Future career plan

Phoebe is going to take some time out of education to learn German, to save some money and to prepare herself for studying in Berlin. She wants to take the preparation steadily so she feels confident that everything has been done properly.


“The experience has been invaluable, and I loved getting the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people”

"I really do believe that Simon's advice has changed my life."

Martin Rohland and Martin Devenish

Wordle of Martin Rohland’s case study

Name: Martin Rohland

Course: BSc Mathematics with Business Management

Mentor: Martin Devenish

Meet Martin...


Martin wanted to get out of this programme:

  • Careers advice
  • Industry insight
  • Build professional network


He has gained a valuable contact that can support him using their industry expertise and diverse range of experience. Through his mentor, Martin has entered a network that can ultimately open doors into different areas of finance.

Future career plan

Martin has received offers to study Economics at graduate level from Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London. He has also been offered a place to study Mathematics at LSE. He is planning to accept his offer to study Economics from either Oxford or Cambridge.

He has secured a summer internship with McKinsey and ultimately aims to secure a graduate internship and possible full time offer from Goldman Sachs.


Martin recommends the ALMP because “every mentor has gained invaluable experiences in the past, and I think the ALMP gives students the great opportunity to learn from them. Your mentor was at some point in the same position you are in now; looking for a job and trying to decide what is next.”

"If you aim high for the future, the ALMP is for you."

Isobel Watton and Rowan Hillson

Wordle of Isobel Watton’s case study

Name: Isobel Watton

Course: BNurs Nursing

Mentor: Rowan Hillson

Meet Isobel...


Isobel wanted to get out of this programme:

  • A supportive relationship
  • More insight into medical and surgical ward options
  • Discussions about my dissertation topic


She has learned and gained:

  • As a newly qualified nurse, she will not be expected to know everything but must be aware of her own sphere of confidence and that it is ok to ask for help if needed.
  • The ‘perceptorship’ course gives newly qualified nurses a year of extra support. Information of what employers are looking for in interviews and job applications.
  • Isobel increased her network, which provided her with information and a greater insight into her dissertation topic.

Isobel’s increased confidence has:

  • Increased her ability to prioritise.
  • Helped her with job applications and interview success.
  • Increased her assertiveness.

"Being able to apply my new skills in practice, using them as examples in interviews and though my new found increased confidence, I believe I have greatly increased my employability."

Future career plan

Isobel has secured a graduate job at University Hospital Birmingham as a staff nurse.


"I would recommend other students to apply for the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme"

"Being involved in the programme has increased my confidence in my ability to enter the role of a professional nurse."

Natasha Erlandson and Cilla Snowball

Wordle of Natasha Erlandson’s case study

Name: Natasha Erlandson

Course: Business Management with Year in Industry

Mentor: Cilla Snowball

Meet Natasha...


Natasha wanted to get out of this programme:

  • A career
  • Professional confidence
  • The opportunity to work with someone that you admire and want to learn from


Natasha gained and learned:

A job! Also, the confidence to push people in situations where she believes she deserves the best from them. She learned that building and maintaining professional relationships over your working life is key to any success. Natasha’s perseverance, relationship building skills and confidence have developed through the programme.

The programme kept Natasha talking about her experiences over the year so she didn’t forget anything important. It also allowed her to interact with a professional which developed her professional relationship building skills.

Future career plan

Natasha has been offered a job in the IT sector at Microsoft as a Channel Marketing Executive.


Natasha recommends the ALMP because "it helps to broaden your horizons around the chosen field you want to work in. The mentors are a source of experience that you can draw from and they are there to pick you up when you are feeling like giving up. They also provide a focus."

"I told my mentor straight away the job I wanted. She kept me on track all year helping me to nurture my relationship with specific contacts which eventually got me a job."

Simon Lee and Elizabeth McIntyre

Wordle of Simon Lee’s case study

Name: Simon Lee

Course: Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience

Mentor: Elizabeth McIntyre

Meet Simon...


Simon wanted to get out of this programme:

  • A wider professional network
  • Greater depth of knowledge of the industry
  • Industrial experience


Simon gained and learned:

  • Jobs and opportunities
  • A wide contact base
  • An overview of industry practices, knowledges and priorities
  • Commercial awareness and strategy
  • A better understanding of the industry
  • Work experience from one of his mentor’s contacts
  • Greater depth to his CV

Future career plan

Simon has been offered a twelve month internship position as a Production and Development Assistant with his mentors’ company, Discovery Communications Europe (Discovery Channel).


Simon recommends the ALMP because "it helps you gain contacts and industry insight that wouldn’t be available to you without a mentor"

"Through the contacts I've gained, and the experience in industry, I was able to get a job with an international broadcaster."

Lola Lawal and Patience Wheatcroft

Wordle of Lola Lawal’s case study

Name: Lola Lawal

Course: Russian and International Relations

Mentor: Patience Wheatcroft

Meet Lola...


Lola wanted to get out of this programme:

  • Further advice about her career path
  • A wider professional network of industry contacts
  • Possible work experience


Lola had all of her goals fulfilled by the ALMP.

When Lola initially began the scheme, the thought of engaging with such a high calibre professional was daunting. Her experience on the ALMP has helped her to gain confidence and has developed her communication skills that will ultimately help her in a graduate role. The ALMP highlighted to Lola that her goal setting skills are not as strong as she would like.

The information Lola received has increased her knowledge for the industry. Patience has been the catalyst for increasing her professional network which will ultimately support her search for a graduate position. The experience has also helped to increase Lola’s knowledge of job applications and how she can make hers stand out amongst the competition. Lola also feels that the ALMP has given her the skills she needs to make and maintain professional relationships in the working world.

Future career plan

Lola is looking for further internships to gain more experience in journalism.


"I would recommend the ALMP because, not only does it look amazing on your CV, it shows future employers that you are serious about the profession that you want to break into."

"My mentor gave me advice about the industry that I could not have gained through research."