Kelly Carr (BSc Business Management with Communications, 2nd year)

The Moth media internship, New York City, USA, through Global Challenge

Details of duties / responsibilities / activities

Kelly was involved in many aspects of media during her internship with The Moth. She spent time editing their website, keeping their events up to date, archiving social media feeds, screening story pitches and writing synopsis. Kelly dealt with internal and external requests and helped out at StorySLAM’s, Mainstages and MothSHOP. She also dealt with online data storage and sites such as Salesforce, Google Drive and Evoca.

Main achievements

The Moth staff celebrate their book

Having a good understanding of how a company is run and applying theory to practice was one of Kelly’s main achievements "I really grasped how all employees worked together and added value to the company. I realised the significance of communication and how it can really save time".

Independence and self awareness – Kelly really settled into the culture of the organisation to feel really independent and to get know herself better. "it really gave me time to explore myself and I learnt a lot about myself as a person, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes."

I was given a huge amount of responsibility, dealing with databases, handling requests from sponsors and the production of events. "It increased my ability to use my initiative and my problem solving skills".

Most enjoyable part of the internship

Learning about the company as a whole, understanding employee value, finances, grants, media and production were the most enjoyable parts of Kelly’s internship. She also enjoyed the busy but friendly environment and received lots of support from her colleagues and supervisor. She particularly enjoyed learning about each person’s role through the ‘Day in the life’ stories each staff member told.

Skills developed

Kelly Carr with a cronut

Creativity and initiative were developed by being able to use imaginative ways to become more effective. Kelly’s interpersonal skills were further developed through team work which is greatly encouraged at The Moth. Working to deadlines has helped Kelly to build her confidence and improve her communication, planning, organising and self awareness.

"Interning at The Moth in New York really enhanced my planning and organisational skills. Managing a range of projects, having deadlines and constantly being given challenging work. I set myself goals such as creating a timeline for the organisation, which helped prioritise tasks."

How this will benefit me in the future

"Providing a blog for Global Challenge allowed me to reflect on my internship, analyse and evaluate what I had learnt, my experience and accomplishments. Similarly, the reflection process improved my self-management and understanding of my desires in a future career."

Kelly says the internship has made her rethink where her skills are best suited and made her realise she wants to work in a challenging environment to stay motivated. All the skills she developed will be significant in all future careers.

"The experience helped me to grasp several skills that are important in all candidates that I hadn’t considered. Most importantly, being able to fit into the organisational culture. This will help me choose companies to apply for in the future as I now understanding how crucial an organisation's culture is".

Posted on Friday 18th October 2013