Past Mentees


Find out what past mentees thought about their mentoring experience. 

Ekta-profileEkta, Economics student

I have a better understanding of firms which work closely with the public sector and the opportunities offered in these. I am better able to tailor my applications for public sector type roles now I have a better idea of the sort of candidates they look for i.e. there's been a push on improving efficiency in the public sector so emphasising this competency was important.



guy-profileGuy, Geography student

I feel I gained a more detailed insight into financial services, which I subsequently used in my interview to help me stand out. I also now know which opportunities to focus upon, giving me a better idea of my potential career path.



Jaleesa-profileJaleesa, Psychology student

My mentoring experience has enabled me to improve my application writing skills which will be a great advantage when applying for work experience, postgraduate courses and graduate jobs/schemes. I have acquired insight into my desired career pathway, which will enable me to plan and focus on my long term and short term goals. This will be of great benefit to me as I am now confident in my knowledge of the steps required in order for me to meet my targets for success.


Harvinder, Economics student

Great industry contact. Allowed me to develop some really good industry knowledge and understand the investment process in more detail.


Zhulieta, International Business with Communications student

I now feel more confident in networking and communicating with professionals. I can more clearly define the skills that I have gained as a result of professional, volunteering or part-time activities. I believe I can better recognise opportunities and match my skills/profile with them.  I am open to a wider array of opportunities and feel more confident in reaching out key individuals from the professional field. I have gained further knowledge of how to continuously develop my employability skills.


Miah, Law with Criminology student

I feel the experience will benefit me because it has enabled me to know what I want at an earlier stage which will be beneficial when it comes to the the sort of jobs and firms I apply to. I can also call on the mentoring scheme when applying for opportunities using my mentor as a reference. Having a mentor has built my confidence and made me feel more able to approach people in a similar field oppose to feeling intimidated, I have already found this beneficial as I have been attending networking events that I would not have before participating in the mentoring scheme.


Edem, International Relations with Economics student

By having a mentor I can always ask for advice and guidance on job opportunities which would hopefully give me a slight advantage when applying for jobs. If the work shadowing opportunity goes ahead, I will hopefully have something that will make me look more employable. The mentoring experience has provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable insight in a field that I was not even aware of before the mentoring scheme and I have also gained contacts who I can always turn to whenever I need to especially as I will hopefully be pursuing a career in the same field.


Zhe Wei, Sport and Exercise Science student

I got an idea what I need to do from now in order to get work opportunities. What are the things employers are looking for, what are the chances of me getting and many more. My mentor gave me helpful advice on where I should move on and share with me what are the challenges i might face along the way.


George, History/Political Science student

I have gained insight into the research sector and have a chance to consider it as a career opportunity. The mentoring also enabled me to develop my professionalism, with advice from my mentor on CV writing, interviewing and how to seek out graduate opportunities.