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This collaborative research venture between Birmingham and Nottingham Universities aims to understand how ageing results in loss of musculoskeletal function and to use this knowledge to intervene and minimise age-related musculoskeletal decline and disease. The major focus of our interventions is on exercise and diet, incorporating motivational psychology research to underpin improved uptake and adherence to lifestyle changes. The Centre will also use the facilities on both sites to train the next generation of researchers, building capacity in this vital area and ensuring older adults are able to enjoy rather than endure old age.

The Centre’s mission is to bring together first rate scientists, clinicians and industrial partners to improve understanding of age-related musculoskeletal deterioration. Find out more...

The Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research has access to outstanding basic and clinical research facilities across the partner sites

Centre news

British Science Festival
The Centre will be participating in this year's British Science Festival by running an interactive session entitled 'How Old Are You Really - Chronological versus Biological Age'
Wednesday 23rd July 2014
New PhD Student to join Dr Simon Jones' Lab
Thursday 3rd July 2014
Collaborative Drug Discovery Project
Centre Researchers Dr Simon Jones and Ashleigh Evans are starting a collaborative drug discovery project with Retrogenix
Friday 20th June 2014

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