Welcome to SEACOAT

What was SEACOAT?

SEACOAT was an EC-funded Marie-Curie Training Network (2010-2013) that brought together leading scientists from across Europe with the goal of understanding interfacial processes involved in marine biofouling.

Who were we?

The network consisted of 6 Universities and 2 companies from across Europe. Click Consortium for further details.

What did the Network do?

The network trained 21 young scientists and conducted cutting edge research through collaboration between the 8 Partners. There were regular meetings, exchanges and secondments of training fellows and advanced training courses. All training fellows received multidisciplinary training in the 3 scientific themes of Surface Engineering, Surface Analytics and Bioadhesion.

Marine Biofouling

‘Green technologies’ can be used to control marine fouling organisms without the use of biocides. Rational design of ‘green’ coatings requires a better understanding of the influence of surface properties on the fouling organisms. This requires interdisciplinary research for precision engineering of coatings/surfaces, state-of–art surface analytics to characterise them, and assessment of their performance against fouling organisms.

Want more information?

Follow the Research link for more information on individual projects provided by the Partners and Project Results for our accomplishments.