The Centre

TSRC was first established as a Venture Funded ESRC Research Centre, co-funded by the ESRC, the Office for Civil Society (Cabinet Office), and the Barrow Cadbury Trust. This funding ran from September 2008 to end August 2013.

From September 2013 until the end of March 2014 the Centre will be funded by the ESRC, under bridge funding arragements, which will support a range of new and continuing research activities until the outcome of our application for further funding under the Centres and Large Grants Competition is known - and by the Barrow Cadbury Trust (BCT), who are continuing their support for TSRC as they have over the first five years. The Cabinet Office is no longer providing funding for the Centre.

We are grateful for the continuing support from the ESRC and the Barrow Cadbury Trust. However, as the extent of this funding is somewhat less than we had under the initial Venture Funding, the range of research activities we will undertake over the next seven months will not be as great as that over the first five years.


The Centre is accountable to a Steering Committee made up of its funders.

An Advisory Board informs the Centre's overall work. It is made up of leading practitioners, policy-makers and academics from across the third sector. Their main role is to advise on the general strategy for TSRC, supporting its impact strategy, acting as ambassadors for the Centre, receiving, commenting and approving the Annual Report.

A number of Reference Groups have been set up to inform individual research streams. They are made up of members from policy, practice and research with expertise in the relevant topic areas:

Reference Groups meet regularly with researchers from the streams. They also work ‘virtually’ to advise and comment on our research. They act as advisors - informing the development of the research, discussing implications of the findings, and promoting its dissemination in the field.

Research Structure

TSRC has agreed a programme of new research activities with the ESRC and BCT for the period from September 2013 to April 2014. The work will be divided into seven main seven main research streams which include: Quantitative Analysis, Real Times, Service Delivery, Below the Radar, Theory and Policy, Social Enterprise, and Workforce.  Research will take place at the universities of Birmingham, Southampton and Lincoln.  The Centre will also continue to work collaboratively with a range of Associate and Honorary Fellows, and to host Visiting Fellows from overseas.

TSRC will continue to undertake research for other funders and commissioners in the third sector field.