Capacity Building

TSRC is committed to increasing the capacity of the third sector to use and carry out further research.

Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange Team host workshops and seminars in partnership with other stakeholder organisations across the UK, to inform people about our research and discuss how findings can be used. We also offer workshop facilitation in sector led events on knowledge exchange. See Knowledge Exchange Team for more information.

Research Fellowships

Researchers - including those from third sector organisations - have the opportunity to collaborate with, and gain support from, academics and other staff at the Centre. See TSRC Fellowships for more information.

TSRC may also be able to support researchers wishing to apply for Postdoctoral Fellowships, where these are funded by external fellowship programmes.

Capacity Building Clusters

TSRC coordinates the work of three Capacity Building Clusters (CBCs), on Social EnterpriseCommunity Engagement, and Economic Impact These help train future third sector researchers and offer organisations a chance to work in partnership with academics.

They do this through:

  • PhD CASE studentships

Partner universities will host PhD students, who will work with third sector organisations on a project of mutual interest. This will help promote the exchange of knowledge, skills and research between academics and third sector organisations. 

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

These are long-term partnerships between researchers and third sector organisations. Researchers will work directly with organisations, applying their skills and knowledge to important organisational problems and issues.

  •  Placements

The CBCs will also work with third sector organisations to exchange skills and knowledge through reciprocal placements. Practitioners will spend time in a university or with academics to acquire new research skills and techniques. Likewise, academics and research students will spend time in third sector organisations, gaining experience of the sector and building an understanding of their research needs. 

  • Vouchers

These will allow organisations to commission specific projects by academics, allowing researchers to respond directly to the information needs of third sector organisations.