CBC Student Profiles

Social Enterprise

Bianca Stumbitz
Older Social Entrepreneurs

Maria Isabel Irurita
Social enterprises: supplying or demanding innovation? An examination of development trusts

Andrew Pope
Co-operation in health and social care

Gemma McKenna
Social Enterprise and Employment Opportunities for Homeless People

Sara Calvo
Social enterprises and ethnic minorities: A case study of the East London Olympic Boroughs

Jan Metcalfe
From Surveillance to support: An ethnographic exploration of the role that social enterprise plays in shaping the experience of ‘employabilty’ programmes amongst workless men.

Peter Swan
Negotiating Performance: Accountability and Monitoring Creative and Caring Practices for Wellbeing

Micaela Mazzei
Squaring the challenge: reconciling business and ethical goals in social enterprises

Community Engagement

Mohamed Aden Hassan
Examining the associations of Somali youth as British citizens and the effects of transnational connections

Hannah Berry
Gender and Participation unit, how to act as an ally with a small womens refugee and asylum group

Daniella Marie Holland
To what extent can the third sector, research clusters and government work to encourage active citizenship and civic engagement?

Green Nyoni
Manchester Refugee Support Network, how to make MRSN a more effective, representative network

Gabi Recknagel
The role of government policies in empowering citizens