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The Third Sector Research Centre works to enhance knowledge through independent and critical research.  In collaboration with practitioners, policy makers, and other academics, we explore the key issues affecting charities and voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals. 

Latest research 

Third sector impact on human resources and community. In this TS Working paper 3/ TSRC working paper 134 D.Kamerāde critically reviews current evidence on what impact does volunteering and working in the sector has on individuals and community.

Mapping community-based financial charitable
support for community hospitals in England and Wales

In this TSRC working paper 133 D. Kamerāde and J. Mohan examine the financial support that local community groups and
organisations provide to community hospitals and how it has changed since 1995.

' "National living wage" and the third sector.'

In this Briefing Paper 132 Steve McKay estimates the total cost to third
sector organisations of moving from the current NMW to the proposed
level of £9 per hour.






Latest blogs

From John Mohan
Paid leave to volunteer: A lesson in economic geography

From John Mohan
Digging deeper into open grants data: why might we find variations between communities?

From Rob MacMillan
ChangeUp ten years on: share your infrastructure development stories.


Unfolding tales of
voluntary action

What is the full story of third sector activity in communities struggling to manage tough economic and social challenges? How are organisations and individuals adapting and helping to set the agenda?

The 'Unfolding tales...' series explores these issues and more, from the unique vantage point of TSRC's 'Real Times' project.


Upcoming events

 Call for papers

An opportunity to present your research at the seminar 'Work at home, leisture and community' on 14th January 2016.

Deadline for abstracts 15th Nov 2015.

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