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The Third Sector Research Centre works to enhance knowledge through independent and critical research.  In collaboration with practitioners, policy makers, and other academics, we explore the key issues affecting charities and voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals. 

Latest research 

Change in the making

Austerity measures and welfare reform are contributing to a particularly unsettled environment for third sector organisations. Many are grappling with substantial change. The TSRC will be exploring how change is created, contested, understood and experienced within the third sector.

Community action and social media: trouble in Utopia?

Social media has not been adopted as widely by community organisations as might have been expected. This study explores the gap between claims for the transformative power of social media, and its use by grassroots community groups and organisations in England. It concludes that social media makes too many demands – in terms of skills, time, and the demonstration of impact – to make its adoption sufficiently straightforward for community organisations.













Forthcoming events

Our Bigger Story Film Festival


On Saturday 1 July 2017 TSRC will be hosting the Big Local/Our Bigger Story Film Festival. This is an opportunity to view the films made about the past 2 years of the evaluation of Big Local as well as a selection of films made by Big Local areas themselves. 

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Over 6700 documents have now been added to the Third Sector Knowledge Portal, our easy-to-use online library of research, evidence, and analysis.


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