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The Third Sector Research Centre works to enhance knowledge through independent and critical research.  In collaboration with practitioners, policy makers, and other academics, we explore the key issues affecting charities and voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises, cooperatives and mutuals. 

ChangeUp 10 years on

In a new blogpost, Rob Macmillan looks at the achievements, and the legacy of the infrastructure development initiative that launched in June 2004.


Unfolding tales of
voluntary action

What is the full story of third sector activity in communities struggling to manage tough economic and social challenges? How are organisations and individuals adapting and helping to set the agenda?

The 'Unfolding tales...' series explores these issues and more, from the unique vantage point of TSRC's 'Real Times' project.


Knowledge Portal


Over 6700 documents have now been added to the Third Sector Knowledge Portal, our easy-to-use online library of research, evidence, and analysis.


Read more and watch a short video where Portal users explain its uses...

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