Feedback and suggestions

As part of our ongoing review, we welcome your feedback on the work of TSRC.

Please give us your views on all or some of the questions below:

  1. How you found out about our research (e.g. via internet search, media, third party website etc)
  2. How you have accessed our research (e.g. through website, downloading papers, at events, through journals) and what formats have you found most useful?
  3. What have you found useful about our research?
  4. Have you used it to inform your work in any way, and if so how?
  5. Is there anything you think we could do to make our research more accessible or useful?
  6. Any other feedback, comments or suggestions about the work of TSRC?

In addition, if you have any comments or suggestions with regard to a specific research stream or project, please do let us know.

Please email your reseponses to these questions, or any other feedback you would like to provide, to Cathy Butt: