TSRC aims to provide a resource for practitioners, policy makers and other academics involved in the third sector.

This means making our research accessible, as well as relevant and useful, to those working in and supporting the sector. We have established an Advisory Board and Reference Groups made up of representatives from third sector agencies, academics and policy providers. We also have a dedicated Knowledge Exchange Team, who are working to ensure that our research engages with the widest range of stakeholders.

By engaging in the research process, you can help identify how research findings can be used as well as further questions that need answering.

Ways to get involved

1. Stay in touch
Please join our mailing list, and we will keep you updated on our work and opportunities for involvement. You can also follow us on twitter or sign up for RSS feeds from our blog.

2. Attend a stakeholder event
We hold events around specific research topics to share our work, and help us engage with experts in the field. Through these events, practitioners, policy makers and other academics can discuss the implications of our research for the sector and help inform our research development. See events or join our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming opportunities.

3. Contact us
If you would like more information about any of our research projects, contact details for all our researchers are also listed on the staff pages.

4. Collaborative research
TSRC regularly engages in research and evaluation for and with partner organisations. The research utilises TSRC’s expertise on the third sector, in order to inform policy and practice. If you are interested in developing a collaborative research project, please contact us on 0121 414 3086 or or see more information about our collaborative research.

5. Become a TRSC fellow
We offer opportunities for researchers, including those from third sector organisations, to establish a relationship with the Centre. Through the fellowship scheme, researchers can collaborate with, gain advice and support from, the Centre’s academics and other staff. We may also be able to support candidates applying for postdoctoral fellowships
If you have any other queries about involvement in our research, please contact the Knowledge Exchange Team.