This page brings together TSRC research reports, discussion papers, and other publications not part of the Working Paper series. 

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ESRC/TSRC co-centre seminar series:

  • Seminar one: the third sector as a public service provider (October 2012)
    PDF download (264KB)
  • Seminar two: social enterprise and environmental sustainability (April 2013)
    PDF download (279KB)
  • Seminar four: innovations in public services (June 2013)
    PDF download (296KB)

ESRC Public Policy seminar series

  • Changing realities of the third sector: seminars one to four
    (December 2011-November 2012)
    PDF download (456KB)

TSRC Discussion Papers

  • Discussion Paper F: Roma Civil Society: Deliberative Democracy for Change in Europe, Thomas Acton and Andrew Ryder (February 2013)
    Summary | PDF download (502KB)
  • Discussion Paper E: Exploring social media as a tool for knowledge exchange: the #btr11 experiment, Amy Burnage and Roxanne Persaud (September 2012)
    Summary | PDF download (1MB) | Summary Review PDF (342KB)
  • Discussion Paper D: The real Big Society: Gypsy Traveller tenants and residents’ associations and the role of social capital and empowerment in reversing exclusion
    PDF Download (548KB)
  • Discussion Paper C: Lost in Austerity: rethinking the community sector, Niall Crowley (June 2012)
    PDF Download (192KB)
  • Discussion Paper B: Community engagement in the social eco-system dance, Eileen Conn (July 2011)
    PDF Download (900KB)

Third Sector Futures Dialogues

  • Big Picture Paper 1: The worst of times?
    Pete Alcock, Rob Macmillan and Sarah Bulloch (September 2012)
    PDF Download (391KB)
  • Big Picture Paper 2: No longer a 'voluntary' sector?
    Heather Buckingham (October 2012)
    PDF Download (318KB)
  • Big Picture Paper 3: Is the third sector so special? What is it worth?
    Angus McCabe (November 2012)
    PDF Download (463KB)
  • Big Picture Paper 4: Is the third sector being overwhelmed by the state and the market?, Teasdale, Buckingham and Rees (January 2013)
    PDF Download (
  • Big Picture Paper 5: A strategic lead for the third sector? Some may lead,
                                  but not all will ever follow


Survey report for HACT: Community investment by social housing organisations: measuring the impact, Vanessa Wilkes and Professor David Mullins (March 2012)
Details | Report (PDF 1.21MB) | Summary report (PDF, 661KB)

Scoping report: BIG as a Policy Actor: Exploring BIG’s impact on third sector policy and practice, Angela Ellis Paine, Rebecca Taylor and Pete Alcock (May 2011)
Introduction | Report

TSRC annual review, June 2010

Article: Third sector organisation and public service. What can research tell us?By Professor Pete Alcock, Published in ESRC’s annual magazine, Britain in 2010

The rural social economy: Surviving the credit crunch, Angus McCabe