The Welfare Bricolage Project (UPWEB)

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UPWEB - Understanding the practice and developing the concept of welfare bricolage

The Welfare Bricolage project (UPWEB)will reconceptualise welfare theory through responding to the question of how all residents living in superdiverse neighbourhoods put together their healthcare. Increasing population complexity, heterogeneity and pace of change under globalisation has provoked a need to rethink welfare design, alongside issues of engagement, approachability and effectiveness. 

Partner countries 

Our research will be taking place within two neighbourhoods in four European cities:

Birmingham (UK)

Bremen (Germany)

Lisbon (Portugal)
Lumiar and Mouraria

Uppsala (Sweden)

Sävja and Bergsbrunna and Gottsunda




Meet the team


UPWEB staff teamFind out more about our Core Group and wider team members and Co-operation Partners




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