Graduands and guests with disabilities

Should you or any of your guests have a disability, we will do everything we can to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. 

Arriving on campus and parking

To make your day as comfortable as possible arrive at the campus entrance adjacent to the Guild of Students.  Speak to a member of Security staff  who will be able to grant you vehicular access to campus - allowing you to park as close as possilbe to the Aston Webb Building.  It is then a short walk to the Great Hall where the ceremony takes place.

If you require vehicular access to Chancellor's Court (the area immediately outside the Great Hall) then again speak to Security staff at the entrance adjacent to the Guild of Students and they can then permit you access to Chancellor's Court. There is ramp access to the Great Hall via the Bramall Music Building (R12 on the campus map). The driver should then proceed to park the vehicle in any of the car parks on campus.

The driver of the vehicle will be able to collect the graduand and their guests from Chancellor's Court when you are ready to leave campus.

The ceremony

Graduands mount a short flight of steps to the platform to have their degree conferred. If you know you are likely to have difficulty mounting these steps please contact us as soon as possible so that suitable arrangements can be agreed.  We are able to offer three options:

  1. We can arrange for a member of staff to help you up and down the platform steps.
  2. We can arrange for you to shake hands with the Conferring Office at the bottom of the platform steps.
  3. We can arrange for you to use the lift situated behind the platform, allowing access to the platform via doors on the stage.

In our experience most graduands choose either option 1 or 2 as this ensures they remain with their friends and classmates.  Unfortuntely there is an unavoidable delay and detachment from the other graduands should you wish to use the lift behind the platform.

You do not need to make your decision immediately - if you would prefer you can make your decision on the day once you have seen the options in the Hall.  So that we are expecting you however, please do contact us so the team in the Hall know to expect you.

Information for guests with a disability

Guest seating in the Great Hall is unreserved and available on a first-come first-served basis.  We advise those guests with a disability to arrive at the Great Hall shortly before the doors open (9.25am for the 10.15am congregation, 12.40pm for the 1.15pm congregation, 3.40pm for the 4.15pm congregation) so that they can select the most comfortable seating location before the rest of the congregation enter the Great Hall.

Hearing impairment

The Great Hall is equipped with a hearing loop system to assist those graduands and
guests with hearing impairments. Should you require a hearing loop please visit the Sound Desk at the rear of the Great Hall when you enter the Hall.