Tickets and seats

Students in their seats for Degree Congregations

How many tickets do I get?

You are automatically allocated your own graduand ticket plus two guest tickets. All graduand and guest tickets are free of charge.

These tickets are guaranteed once you have confirmed your attendance and completed your programme of study.

Your College may have arranged its own graduation celebration on the day of your Degree Congregation. Please do not confuse any tickets associated with these events with the actual Degree Congregation tickets.

Where do I collect my tickets?

You should collect your tickets (both your own ticket and your two guest tickets) on the day of your Degree Congregation from the Ticket Desk in the Avon Room in University Centre (Building R23 on the Edgbaston Campus Map). We do not post tickets to you.

The Ticket Desk is open at the following times:

  • 8.15am for a 10.15am Degree Congregation
  • 11.30am for a 1.30pm Degree Congregation
  • 2.15pm for a 4.15pm Degree Congregation

Are additional tickets available?

Given the high demand for places at Degree Congregations additional tickets are often extremely limited.  Should we have any additional tickets, these will be made available on a first-come first-served basis on the day of your Degree Congregation, from the Ticket Desk.

Will my seats be reserved?

Your graduand seat is reserved. You will be assigned the seat number that corresponds to the order in which you appear in the congregation programme.

Guest seating is allocated on a first-come first-served basis, and there will be seats for everyone with a ticket.

What if my guests do not get additional tickets?

If you are unable to get additional tickets for your Degree Congregation, your extra guests can watch the Degree Congregation in one of our Screening Rooms.  No tickets are required for these venues - seats are available on a first-come first-served basis.  The Screening Rooms will be signposted from the Great Hall.

What if my guests are bringing children?

Each guest, including all children, entering the Great Hall must be in possession of a guest ticket irrespective of age. To ensure the safety of all guests, in no circumstances can a child be seated on a guest’s lap, nor can we allocate additional tickets for children attending a Degree Congregation.

A number of screening rooms are available a short distance from the Great Hall. Degree Congregations are not considered appropriate for babies and young children, therefore we advise graduands to take advantage of the alternative venues across campus to maximise your enjoyment of the day.

What if a visa is needed to attend the ceremony?

Please read our visitor visa guide if you or your guests need a visa to attend your Degree Congregation.

In support of your application, the University can produce a letter that states that you have been invited to attend a Degree Congregation, and that you are able to bring two guests with you to the ceremony. We are unable to issue named invitations to your guests.

You can get a copy of the letter you need by submitting an online enquiry.