Internships and Work Experience Fair

Date: Spring 2016 (date to be confimed) 
Place: The Great Hall, University of Birmingham

Our 2015 Internships and Work Experience fair has now taken place, however we will be hostng a similar event during the Spring term of 2016. Below you will find some further information on the event along with details on how to register your interest in attending.  

Who will be attending? Who can you target?

Students attending will be University of Birmingham penultimate year students looking for challenging work experience, summer internships and year placements. Over 790 students from all degree disciplines visited the fair in spring 2015.

Who is the event suitable for?

This event is open to all recruiters looking to promote work experience opportunities for 2016 and to raise your profile ahead of the 2016–17 recruiting year. Small and medium sized employers are welcome.

How can I book?

Bookings for this event will open during the autumn term 2015. To register your interest in attending the event contact Sarah Charman.