Match-funding for undergraduate and graduate internships

Do you need to fill a vacant role in your organisation, or could you benefit from the assistance of an extra pair of hands? Would you like a graduate intern from the University of Birmingham?

Funding available for employers hosting graduate internships

Santander has partnered with the University of Birmingham to provide match-funding of £1,500 for three month, full time graduate internships.

The amount must be matched by you as the host organisation. During the period of the internship, the specific work undertaken by the intern could be whatever best suits your business requirements - for example, fundraising and marketing, a social media presence or researching competitors' products. It may be that you have a specific project, or you may wish to offer a more rounded, holistic role in which the successful candidate would undertake a broad range of duties which contribute more widely to your organisation, whilst providing them with valuable experience of working in your organisation.

The key qualifying criteria are:

  • The successful candidate must have graduated from the University of Birmingham within the last two years (from an undergraduate or postgraduate course)
  • Your organisation must satisfy Santander's definition of being an SME (fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of under £50 million p/a)
  • The opportunity available to candidates must last for three months (12 weeks) and must be full-time (ideally a minimum of 35 hours per week)
  • The successful candidate must be eligible to work in the UK for the duration of the internship
  • You must agree, as a minimum, to match the £1,500 paid by Santander over the 12 week period
  • The successful candidate must begin working with you before the end of June 2016

If you take on a candidate under this programme, then you, as the host organisation, will take responsibility for paying the candidate in full throughout the duration of the 12 weeks when they will be working for you (you would also take responsibility for the payment of Employee National Insurance contributions). At the end of the 12 week period, upon provision of evidence that the candidate has completed 12 weeks of full-time work with you (e.g. by you presenting us with copies of their payslips), the university will arrange a payment to you of £1,500.

Please note that, to be able to take part in this programme, your organisation must be able to invoice the University of Birmingham, to enable us to pay you.

In addition, you and the successful candidate will need to register on Santander’s on-line portal. Details of the process will be provided when you have selected your successful candidate.

To find out more about partnering with the University of Birmingham to make use of the Santander match-funding, please contact Robyn-Lee Murphy,

For general enquiries please contact