Partner with us

Our partnerships are far-reaching and diverse. Successful businesses are crucial for economic growth and we believe that by partnering with us we can help to grow and continue the success of your business. 

Contract research 

Join forces with our researchers to work on your organisations specific research and development needs. Find out more about our contract research.

Collaborative projects and partnerships 

We can also work with you to develop strategic, collaborative partnerships involving other universities, businesses, public sector bodies, government and other funders to achieve a common and shared goal.

Some examples of our collaborative partnership opportunities are listed here.

Funding support

We know that the financial cost of generating the new ideas, technologies and processes to help you achieve competitive advantage can be high.  We can help you to navigate your way through the funding opportunities that may be available for your organisation and find you a suitable academic partner. Discover the funding support for your business.

Professional development

You can boost the knowledge and resources of both yourself, and your workforce, by tapping into our world-class teaching. Find Continuing Professional Development courses.