Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Helping businesses to access the University's pioneering research.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are three-way partnerships involving a business, a graduate and an academic institution. Innovate UK provides oversight of the programme, which aims to help businesses grow through the application of knowledge held by UK academics.

A recent graduate is employed to carry out a specific piece of research for a period of between 1 and 3 years. During this time they are employed by the University but seconded to the company, spending most of their working time there and becoming embedded within the company's working practices. The graduate will work together with the partners on a project that is innovative, impactful and challenging for all involved. In addition, each project receives oversight from an experienced business adviser, external to the University.

Roger White and Tony Fella

Atkins Global

“The KTP scheme has been extremely useful in providing a facility whereby the work undertaken in the University of Birmingham can be applied into Atkins business plan. This will provide significant benefit to Atkins as a business and to the efficiency of the UK and international rail industry.”

Read case studies for current and past KTPs with the University of Birmingham. If you are interested in discussing a KTP project, please contact Kate Jermey at

For businesses 

KTP provides an opportunity to forge a long-term, strategic relationship with the academic partner. Projects are supported on the expectation that they will lead to economic growth for the company; the average increase in pre-tax annual profit for a company involved in KTP is £1m, with the creation of two jobs and an additional 31 staff trained*.

Even if your company has no experience of partnering with an academic institution, the University of Birmingham can help with the development of your KTP application at every stage. Our KTP office can suggest the right academic to partner with, comment on application documents and provide post-award support with organising meetings and reports.

For graduates

KTP provides an excellent opportunity for graduates who are looking to gain industrial experience while keeping one foot in academia. Along with a competitive salary and £2,000 per year for their personal development, graduates receive academic supervision throughout the project from a member of the University's academic staff.

KTP is perfectly suited for ambitious, creative graduates who are looking to effect real change within a partner company. They will often work across all areas of the company, briefing managerial staff while ensuring that knowledge is fully embedded within operational staff. Current opportunities are available here, while you can provide your details to be notified of KTP opportunities at the University of Birmingham by e-mail the KTP office at

For academics

With the growing importance of demonstrating impact, KTP provides a proven pathway for using research to create change in the non-academic arena. KTP provides income to buy researchers out of half a day per week in order to supervise the project's graduate. Projects provide access to company resources that otherwise might be prohibitively expensive to use, opening up new applications for existing research.

KTP can produce peer-reviewed papers, new teaching materials and create a new revenue stream through the exploitation of intellectual property. The University's KTP office can advise on all aspects of developing a proposal, including finding a suitable company partner for your idea. 

*Data correct as of May 2015