How we allocate your accommodation

You’ll receive your offer of University accommodation by email once your place at the University becomes unconditional, which for most students will be after the examination results are announced in the summer.

If you’ve had your place confirmed at Birmingham and are eligible under the Postgraduate Guarantee Scheme, this will usually be in mid-late August.   Students who hold unconditional places prior to August 1st will be allocated accommodation in July. Late applicants can still apply for accommodation but your application may take longer to process and a place cannot be guaranteed.

To secure your accommodation, you’ll need to make a pre-payment of £550 immediately or alternatively pay your accommodation fee in full. If you choose to make a pre-payment only then you will need to either pay in full before the start of your accommodation contract or by instalments during the year.

How does the allocation process work?

Allocation of accommodation is done in two waves.  The first wave is completed in July, for students who hold unconditional places at the University.  The second wave takes place in mid-August, once the majority of students have had their places confirmed following the publication of exam results.    

In both waves, all students who have applied for accommodation and have unconditional places accepted at the University are processed by the allocations system, which allocates students to accommodation in a random order.  Students who are amongst the first to be allocated in that wave are most likely to be allocated to their most preferred accommodation. Students who are allocated towards the end of that wave may have more limited options available.    For each student, the allocation system will seek to find an available room which matches the preferences that student selected on their application form.  Where options arelimited, the system will try to find the best possible match to the preferences.  

The order of allocations is done randonmly by an allocations software system to ensure fairrness to all applicants. 

The random allocation system has been introduced following student feedback to replace the 'first come - first served' process which was previously in operation.  This new system is considred to be fairer to students who may not have been able to apply for their accommodation as early as other applicants.  

Current vacancies

We always have vacancies in University accommodation; but they never last long: if you are interested then contact the University accommodation office for today's list.