Moving in

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Your landlord must protect your deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme if you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (the standard student contract).  This safeguards your deposit and will ensure that you get your deposit back at the end of the tenancy, providing you are entitled to it.  Disputes are easier to resolve as these schemes provide an opportunity to arbitrate where there is conflict .

Within 30 days of receiving your deposit a landlord is required to:-

  • Register it with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
  • Provide proof that your deposit has been secured along with information on how to claim back.

If you do not receive notification you can contact the following schemes for confirmation: -

Please note that Capita Tenancy Deposit Protection are no longer accepting new deposits with effect from 14th September 2013.


Council Tax

  • Birmingham City Council no longer require a self-exemption form to be completed - instead, you need to apply for your exemption by phone. More information is available in a Council Tax information sheet.
  • For further information on whether you are exempt please contact the council direct - Birmingham City Council : 0121 303 1113
  • Your my.bham portal needs to be updated when you change addresses so that the correct information is being sent to the Council.



  • On the day you move in complete an inventory.  If the landlord does not supply one create your own.  Note down all items and their condition, such as stains on the carpet, or a broken chair.  Send a signed copy to the landlord keeping one along with dated photos of exiting damage and keep this safe until the end of the tenancy.
  • If you do not thoroughly check through your inventory you risk losing some or all of your deposit as this will be the evidence supplied (or not) as to what the state of the property was when you moved in.


Television Licence

  • If you and your house want a television, then you may need to obtain a TV Licence.  To check whether you require a Licence or how to purchase you can contact TV Licensing by phone 0300 790 6131 or visit their website


Utility Companies

  • If you pay for bills separately then you will need to alert the utility companies of your moving in date so that you do not end up paying charges from previous tenants. You should always ensure that you monitor and share the burden for your utility bills amongst your housemates otherwise you could end up paying hefty fines at the end of the year.
  • Gas- 0870 608 1524
  • Electricity- 0845 603 0618
  • Water- 0845 7090 646



  • Check that the heating and hot water are working and that the showers don’t have any leaks.
  • You may want to take photos of each room as evidence of the condition it was in when you moved in.